Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Update: Ride for Larry Pierce

August 9, 2014 - The nation will come together and honor Larry as ONE. Doesn't matter if you ride, surround yourself with friends and family and have a good time!!

EVERYONE is welcome to join!

There are a few different groups in North Carolina and Virginia. See below for locations/departure times. Remember, you can still meet us at the campground Saturday morning around 10ish if Friday doesn't work for you due to work or other obligations. Reminder...Kickstands will be up @ 11 from the campground. Find out which one works for you and link up with them at the meeting place. If you have any questions email; scott.peck1972@gmail.com

Wilmington, NC

Starting Point –

Satellite Bar & Grill, 120 Greenfield Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Kickstands up @ 2pm
2.US-74 BUSINESS W - Exit 187
4.1st gas stop – Whiteville, NC 46 miles
5.2nd gas stop – Lumberton, NC 34 miles
6.3rd gas stop – Laurinburg, NC 33 miles
7.End Destination: Oasis Campground - 15340 Palmer Rd, Marston, NC 28363

Charlotte, NC - Departing Friday the 8th with two different groups. One group will be leaving at 4:30PM sharp. The other group will be leaving at 6PM sharp!

Starting Point –

The Thirsty Beaver, 1225 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

1.US-74 East for 3.8 miles
2.NC-27/Albemarle rd. for 6.2 miles
3.Stay on 27/24 for 19 miles
4.Turn right on Hwy/NC 205 for 3.6 miles
5.Stay straight on NC 742 for 23 miles
6.Right on HWY 52 for .3 miles
7.Left on 74 for 36.4 miles
8.Left on St. John's church rd for 3.1 miles
9.Left on Sneads grove rd for 4 miles
10.Take slight left onto Nashville church rd 1.5 miles
11.Stay straight to go onto Palmer rd .4 miles
12.End Destination: Oasis Campground - 15340 Palmer Rd, Marston, NC 28363

Raleigh, NC

Starting Point -

1.Home Depot, 2031 Walnut St. Cary, NC 27518
2.Kickstands up @ 1pm
3.First gas stop will be in Sanford, NC at a Kangaroo Express - 34 Miles
4.Kangaroo Express, 1130 N. Horner Blvd. Sanford, NC 27330
5.The second gas stop will be in Aberdeen, NC at an Exxon – 30 miles
6.Exxon, 1391 N. Sandhills Blvd. Aberdeen, NC 28315
7.End Destination: Oasis Campground - 15340 Palmer Rd, Marston, NC 28363. This is approximately 18 miles from the Exxon.

Danville, VA

Starting Point -

ButcherChop Shop, 11252 Franklin Turnpike Chatham VA 24531

Kickstands up @ 2pm
1.29 South greensboro
2.40 West ashboro
3.220 South Rockingham
4.End Destination: Oasis Campground - 15340 Palmer Rd, Marston, NC 28363

Friday, July 11, 2014


If for some reason you cannot make the Aug 8th run to the campground - the other option is to meet @ the Oasis Campground Saturday Aug 9th between 10:00-10:30am - be aware that kickstands will be up at 11:00 sharp!!

Oasis Campground
15340 Palmer Rd
Marston, NC 28363

Sunday, May 4, 2014

New website

Hey everyone, check outthis new sitewith additional information on the
nationwide "Ride as One" August 9, 2014 to celebrate the life of Larry Pierce.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Larry's Build

Help get this bike to BF6...


Travel distance and route from each location:

Wilmington, NC - 1hr 49min - 114m
US-74 BUSINESS W - Exit 187

Charlotte, NC - 1hr 58min - 99m
Us-74 e for 3.8 miles
Nc-27/albemarle rd for 6.2 miles
Stay on 27/24 for 19 miles
Turn right on Hwy/nc 205 for 3.6 miles
Stay straight on nc 742 for 23 miles
Right on hwy 52 for .3 miles
Left on 74 for 36.4 miles
Left on St. John's church rd for 3.1 miles
Left on sneads grove rd for 4 miles
Take slight left onto Nashville church rd 1.5 miles
Stay straight to go onto Palmer rd .4 miles

Raleigh, NC - 1hr 42min - 89m
Chatham, VA - 2hr 45min - 162m

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Update: Meeting Place

The current plans are as follows:
Each location will depart Friday 8 Aug @ approx 1pm. More to follow on each departing location/planned routes/ and gas stop locations to allow people to link up. We'll be meeting @ the Oasis Campground (address below). Again, this is only a 2+ hour ride for each location. Each tent site is $30 (4 person to site) Approx 7 bux each. We'll then get full accountability - set up tents - then decide on the evening feast. The official "Ride as One" will take place the following day 9 Aug @ 11am. The ride will only be approx 30 miles - eat lunch - then part ways back home in respective groups.

** This plan will give us all the opportunity to ride together...as one...with fellow friends from across the state...to celebrate the life of LARRY!

Oasis Campground
15340 Palmer Rd
Marston, NC 28363

** Option 2: Meet @ the Oasis Campground on Sat 9 Aug @ 10am. But understand, kickstands will be up @ 11am sharp for the official "Ride as One"

My contact information for any questions/concerns: 910-381-3669

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ride for Larry Pierce - Aug 9th

I'll be coordinating the ride for North Carolina - More details will follow in the next few days...

Points of Contact for each region:
Scott Peck - Wilmington, NC
Rhett Holley - ButcherChop (Northwestern NC) Chatham, VA
Zach Hindes - Prism Motorcycle Co Charlotte, NC
Justin J - Raleigh, NC

Current Sponsors:
Live Wire Powder Coating - Wilmington, NC
Prism Motorcycle Co - Stanley, NC
New Union Tattoo - Wilmington, NC
Blue Flame Tattoo - Raleigh, NC
ButcherChop Shop - Chatham, VA
Gold's Gym - Wilmington, NC
47 Cycles - Wilmington, NC
MegaMaki Sushi - Wilmington, NC

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fresh Powder

Jeff @ Live Wire Powder Coating supplied a fresh coat.......now it's time for reassembly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

War Ride

The 1st Annual War Ride was put on by The Butcher Chop crew along with NSTC. We started at the Butcher Chop compound and made our way up to the D Day Memorial in Bedford VA.

The War Ride from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mail Call

Ordered the BF4 DVD from LoBrow......and subscribed to Wrench Magazine.  This issue had a killer spread on BF4.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Revenge Run

2013 Revenge Run dates are out........3-5 May

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the RUB

Did some hand-polishing today - the front end of the 53 needed some love....so I hand-rubbed some MOTHERS polish.  Alot of elbow grease....but well worth the RESULTS!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Port City Rumble

Rolled to Wilmington on Friday to meet up at Potter's house for the Pre-Rumble Party.   Was delayed a couple hours due to some issues on 40.  Oh well...it sucks I missed the bash!!  The Rumble on Saturday had a weak turn-out this year.....only about 40 cars....maybe it was because the show was split.  Hopefully they work things out for next year!!!  Even the creeper race only had (3) entries......and of course....BONESTOCK (slightly modified) took first place...for the 2d year in a row!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Port City Rumble - 13 Oct

Only 5 more days until the Rumble......and the notorious Creeper Race!!  And don't miss Jeff Potter's Pre-Rumble party FRIDAY THE 12TH. @ 2602 Ashby Dr 28411

Last Years Creeper Race - 2011 Champions

Virginia Military Institute Football Game

Got some free tickets to the VMI game yesterday.....since the US Marine Corps Silent Drill Team was performing during half-time. 
Found this 53 International in downtown Lexington - killer rear split window

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tom's 33 Roadster

I went with my buddy Tom today to drop off his fresh 283 SBC for his 33 Roadster.  The chassis was just sprayed a couple days ago.....body will be next in the booth.  As you can see, Tom didn't cut any corners with this chassis and rear-end.  Nothing like a sick Quick-change!!!!

Butcher Chop War Run

Saturday Sep 29th
Butcher Chop put on a killer ride from Chatham, Va to Bedford, Va  (D-Day War Memorial)  Saturday morning started out gloomy...riding solo from Roanoke to Chatham (70 miles)

The journey started with some dark clouds....and about 15 minutes into the ride....the rain started to come down...hard.  I pulled into the first gas station....and texted Josh with my current situation.  I did a little rain dance...the rain magically let up...so I conitnued the journey south.   After about another hour or so, I arrived at the Butcher Chop compound.  This was the scene prior to our departure.

Well, after only hanging out for a few minutes...getting my tickets and donating money to the cause....it was time to head out!!! South bound and down!!! 
ShowClass was rollin in the rear with the chase vic
After a couple break downs and fuel stops.........we made it!!  D-Day Memorial Bedford, Va


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Born Free 4

Our departure for Born Free 4 started Tuesday @ 1:30 pm with Jeff, Axel, Shoprag, Dave and myself.  
Stopped @ the Big Texan for some steaks!!!
Potter....exhausted from the intense trip out!!!

CA line.......42 hours...STRAIGHT!!!!

We arrived thursday morning......ate some breakfast.......then got a hotel for some much needed R/R before hitting the steets of CA!! 

Friday we decided to ride the PCH - Pacific Coast Highway.  I got ALOT of GoPro footage...soon to be out on vid....stay tuned!!!  First stop was Laguna Beach.

Footage on the PCH.

Friday Night @ TriCo......Born Free pre-party.
Oak Ridge Campground.....8 miles from Born Free.

Born Free 4.....we made it!!! It was packed...over 10,000 people.

   We planned to leave Sunday morning..the day after the show...but someone got the "bright idea" of leaving right after the show....so we departed at around 8:30pm heading back east!!!! Stopped at the Cadillac Ranch in Texas on the way....

We finally made it back to Wilmington around 6:30pm Monday night!!!  crazy right???  After we off-loaded the bikes...I had another 5 hr ride to Roanoke to complete the trip.  One word for this journey...INTENSE!!!  But the thing is.....I'd do it all over again in a HEARTBEAT!!!!!