Friday, October 5, 2012

Butcher Chop War Run

Saturday Sep 29th
Butcher Chop put on a killer ride from Chatham, Va to Bedford, Va  (D-Day War Memorial)  Saturday morning started out gloomy...riding solo from Roanoke to Chatham (70 miles)

The journey started with some dark clouds....and about 15 minutes into the ride....the rain started to come down...hard.  I pulled into the first gas station....and texted Josh with my current situation.  I did a little rain dance...the rain magically let I conitnued the journey south.   After about another hour or so, I arrived at the Butcher Chop compound.  This was the scene prior to our departure.

Well, after only hanging out for a few minutes...getting my tickets and donating money to the was time to head out!!! South bound and down!!! 
ShowClass was rollin in the rear with the chase vic
After a couple break downs and fuel stops.........we made it!!  D-Day Memorial Bedford, Va


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