Saturday, April 26, 2014

Update: Meeting Place

The current plans are as follows:
Each location will depart Friday 8 Aug @ approx 1pm. More to follow on each departing location/planned routes/ and gas stop locations to allow people to link up. We'll be meeting @ the Oasis Campground (address below). Again, this is only a 2+ hour ride for each location. Each tent site is $30 (4 person to site) Approx 7 bux each. We'll then get full accountability - set up tents - then decide on the evening feast. The official "Ride as One" will take place the following day 9 Aug @ 11am. The ride will only be approx 30 miles - eat lunch - then part ways back home in respective groups.

** This plan will give us all the opportunity to ride one...with fellow friends from across the celebrate the life of LARRY!

Oasis Campground
15340 Palmer Rd
Marston, NC 28363

** Option 2: Meet @ the Oasis Campground on Sat 9 Aug @ 10am. But understand, kickstands will be up @ 11am sharp for the official "Ride as One"

My contact information for any questions/concerns: 910-381-3669

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